Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome to Decker Bay
Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. 
~John F. Kennedy

You can get here by bike or you can get here by hike.  You could get here by boat or get here by train.  If you had enough money, you could get here by plane.

Whatever you decide, get off the couch and get here.

The item you are looking for is hidden in the bush at the base of this sign, under a Coke and under some rocks.

You can start from here...

     Or you can start from there.

Please remember, if you find what you are looking for snap a selfie and send it to me so I can notify the masses.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Where's Warren?

If you are looking for a great family friendly, close to everything in town hike, look no further than the Temple Quarry Trail in the black rocks near the old 
St George airport.

The parking for this trail is just west and north of the old airport and the trail head is clearly marked with this red sandstone arch.

About two thirds of the way to the Quarry, you will find this nice bench to sit on and take a rest while overlooking the area of St George around the Santa Clara river.

 Just behind the bench between the grasses and the black rock, under some loose shale is where you might locate some hidden treasure.  

 Make sure you continue on to the quarry to see the spot where the pioneers quarried the rock used for the foundation of the St George Temple.  Remember, if you find the treasure, send me a photo so I can make sure others stop looking.

Proving that the early Realtor Gets the worm, Broker Bill out and active on a beautiful Southern Utah morning finds the Temple Quarry trail cash.  If you see him at Yougurtland later tonight, the sample cups are on him.

Where's Warren?

One of my favorite places is Snow Canyon State Park.  I have spent many hours hiking the trails of Snow Canyon over the last two years and I never get tired of the beauty of this canyon.  An easy hike which is also fun for the kids is the petrified dunes area of the canyon.  

When you have finished playing on the petrified dunes, follow the markers to Butterfly Rock and take a picture with the rock wings in the background.

While visiting Butterfly Rock, if you look to the north  and a little east, you will see an old dead tree with the lava fields and the white rocks in the background.  At the base of this tree under some twigs and lava rocks you may find some treasure.  If it is not there, I guess the varmit living under the tree or some other hiker found the treasure before you.

Good luck and enjoy the canyon. Oh and if you do find the treasure, snap a photo and send it over so I know it was found and others can stop looking.

Way to go Grace!  Looking good with some vacation spending cash found near Butterfly Rock.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

 Welcome to one of my favorite spots.  As you hike up the one mile road, the views of the Heber Valley and Timpanogos are stunning.

Once you arrive at the top, find the Olympic flag poles and search the area near my left foot.
Good luck, remember to be respectful and take a minute to remember those who have served our country and send me a photo of yourself when you find the treasure.

Way to go Cami!  $43.00 just for hiking Memorial Hill in Midway, Utah.

Stayed tuned for clues to more hidden cash.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There's cash in them there hills!

Where's Warren?
These large concrete arrows were placed in prominent visible areas to help guide airplanes delivering the mail.  Look near my right foot for the small orange container to collect your treasure.  It could be in the weeds or it could be under some rocks remember always be respectful on our public lands.
Good Luck

Halie from St George, Utah was the lucky hiker to find $20 cash at the airplane guidance arrow on the hill overlooking Bloomington.

Great job Halie!